Alexander the Jiver dancing with the Angel of Death

Many years ago now, I started to learn how to dance properly. I could thrash around on the dance floor better than most, but I wanted to be able to dance with people instead of just near them. For three years I enjoyed modern jive at my local Ceroc® club, but I felt that there was more that could be done with dance. I noticed that the better keener dancers were sneaking off to do some mysterious other dance called "Lindy hop". I joined them, and after a while became a convert, body and soul. Now I teach swing dance and do what I can to spread the joy of hep cat ways.

Dance lessons with Lloyd
You may like to know about where I teach swing dance, and how you can contact me and get me to come and teach you. Now with added CV!
Dance videos
I've uploaded a few videos I made on dance subjects to YouTube. Find them here.
Dance essays
Here I have set out some of my views of partner dancing. These include the Ten Commandments of Social Dance. Golly.
What is Lindy hop?
You may be wondering what "Lindy hop" actually is. Many of the terms in swing dancing are used rather vaguely, including "swing" itself. This should make things a bit less unclear.
The Herräng Dance Camp
Again and again I spend my summers in a tiny village in Sweden which for four weeks each year becomes the world's centre for swing dance. Read all about it.
Swing Music
A page with a quick history of the music, plus a discussion of what makes swing music swing, and some recommended listening.
Ceroc® modern jive
Here you can read a page I've put together about my modern jiving past with the people of the Ceroc® franchises. It includes a few of my better photographs of dancers dancing.
My dance fans
How can a dancer such as I, plagued as I am of course with hordes of adorers, keep cool?
Evidence for Reincarnation
Of interest only to people who know me. Weird, though.
Flagrant self-glorification page
Lloydian modesty finally defeated.

Because I was asked ever so nicely, I now present a link to a young site listing swing dance events in Britain: Swing Junction.

And now for a link to the site of another Lindy hopper from Newcastle:

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