How to waste money

I saw this in a model shop in London and felt I should share it with you. Yes, for the grand price of 3.78, you can buy yourself some TWIGS! Who on Earth would shell out that kind of money for a few twigs? I have a feeling that when I went in this shop before, the packets they were selling were actually smaller. Who has access to model shops in London, but not access to any wood-bearing plants? Even if you were aboard a submarine, and had no access to plants, you still wouldn't be able to receive post, so you still couldn't mail order some twigs. The price bothers me too. It is so precise. Perhaps they once sold these for 4, but after some compromises and harsh cost-cutting they managed to get it down to a bargain 3.78. Presumably at 3.77 or less it just wouldn't be worth their while offering this product.
And now here's more. At a wargaming show in Newcastle I spotted these packets for sale on one of the stalls. For a mere one pound, you can save yourself the trouble of bending over and picking up some stones, and instead buy these stones in handy hygienic plastic bags. Guaranteed 100% genuine rock. Good grief.

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