Lloyd vs The Veggies

Lloyd vs The Veggies

Welcome to LloydVeggie! Recently, my friend Nikolas Lloyd had his e-mail account permanently and immediately closed and his website removed from Newcastle University’s servers because it contained a humorous article deemed 'offensive to a minority'. The minority in question was vegetarians, and the protest was orchestrated by the vegetarian dating site www.veggieromance.com. Ironically, due to their actions, the article is now posted all over the Internet and has been read by tens of thousands of people who would otherwise never have heard of it, while veggieromance have had to withdraw the thread having been bombarded with people registering with them just to post abuse!

I am pleased to announce that Lloyd has now purchased his own domain, and his site is up and running again at www.lloydianaspects.co.uk. Please visit!

This website will give you the background to this incident and its developing coverage in the media.


[N.B. The first few items are no longer active links, as they repeat pages now on the Lloydian Aspects site.]

If you wish to know more, please contact me, Fraser Charlton, at lloydveggie@blueyonder.co.uk

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