In 2009 I spent a week in Copenhagen and took lots of photographs. Should you be interested in the story of my trip there, then you will find it here, complete with a few mildly amusing comments and a fair few more photographs (about 370 in all). Otherwise, pick from the below.

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Buildings and architecture of Copenhagen

Copenhagen's opera house, the 'Operaen'.

This is the opera house, like the one in Sydney, it fronts onto the water, but unlike the Australian equivalent, it seems to have taken its architectural inspiration from episodes of Thunderbirds.

The Black Diamond Library - 'Den Sorte Diamant'.

The "Black Diamond" building – a library.

House boat in Copenhagen.

House boat. Looks like a puff of wind would collapse it.

Old warehouse buildings in Copenhagen.

You can see that many of these buildings are ex-dockyard warehouses. Most of the equivalent buildings in Newcastle have been knocked down.

Gigantic old brewery building on the Copenhagen waterfront.

It is not often that one sees a five-storey loft conversion.

Copenhagen waterfront buildings.
The Rudetarn observation tower.

Here you see the astronomical observation tower built in 1642 by Christian IV. It is 114 feet high, and amazingly has a spiral ramp up which the King was able to ride in a carriage to the top, so I was told. I didn't get to see the inside.


In the 1970s a load of people that we might today call 'hippies' squatted here and formed their own community with its own laws. The government was not impressed with the fact that they didn't pay tax, and openly sold drugs, and there has been an intention to get rid of this community ever since. Matters have moved very slowly. They started paying taxes in 1994, and stopped selling hard drugs in 2004. Various forms of marijuana were on sale in one street when I was there, but the people who live there and the people who trade there are now quite different groups.

Surreal building in Christiana.

Some of the houses are eccentric.

Interesting arc-shaped building in Christiana.

Other houses are inventive, creative, and rather good.

Makeshift house in Christiana.

Others are shacks.

I can see why the rulers of Copenhagen might want to take control of the area. It is very under-used, with low-density housing in run-down buildings on prime city centre land. One thing that struck me very clearly was that this was not an anarchic place. It was quite the reverse. It was very strictly ordered, but ordered the way the world used to be – mainly by the locals who had established themselves as leaders, with just a tribute paid to higher authority. There were signs forbidding fireworks, weapons, armour, and various other things. Each property was clearly delineated with boundaries, and there was for instance a stables with a large paddock. It takes a lot of effort to establish a stable, and this business took up a lot of space, and reserved that space for the one use it had for it. The stable owners must have been pretty confident that people wouldn't keep hopping over the fence and using the space for other things.

Perhaps the most archic thing about the place was that many people would like to live there, but the incumbents make it next to impossible to move in. The original residents were all native Danes, and so the permanent residents there today (in stark contrast with many of those hanging around during the day) are all blue-eyed palefaces. There might not be anywhere in Europe with a more exclusive immigration policy.

Even the shacks there had a middle-class quality to them. They had neat little gardens with lawns and flower beds, and inside were shelves with books on.

Church of Our Saviour (Danish: Vor Frelsers Kirke)

Taken from inside Christiania: the church with the widdershins spiral staircase. I didn't get to go up it. Untrue legend has it that the designer died after discovering that he had made the stair go the way of the Devil.

Back to mainstream Copenhagen now...

Copenhagen's old stock exchange building roof detail

The stock exchange building.

Copenhagen's old stock exchange building
Tower of Church of Our Saviour (Danish: Vor Frelsers Kirke). Rosenborg Slot. Marmokirken. Copenhagen town hall, or 'Radhuset'.

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