In 2009 I spent a week in Copenhagen and took lots of photographs. Should you be interested in the story of my trip there, then you will find it here, complete with a few mildly amusing comments and a fair few more photographs (about 370 in all). Otherwise, pick from the below.

The Ny Carlsberg Glyptotek sculpture museum ▼ The Kastellet star fort ▼ Statues in the streets of Copenhagen ▼ The Assistens Kirkegård cemetery ▼ Buildings and architecture of Copenhagen ▼ Kongens Have and Rosenborg Have (parks) ▼

Other shots of Copenhagen

The 156 meter long (170 yards and 2 feet) Arsenal Hall is said to be the longest arched renaissance hall in Europe.

Petards. Apparently, it is better to be hoisted by someone else's.

I can only guess what the target-like things are for.

I passed this sign. The embassy that I could see was Spanish, but the sign suggests that behind these fearsome fortifications is the British embassy. I saw no other embassy that felt the need for such precautions.

The rollercoaster in the Tivoli.

It is interesting that I find bicycles quite photogenic. In large numbers they present a mass of tangled detail to the camera, but in small numbers I like their spindly struttiness. This is in contrast with cars, which I always try to exclude from photographs, despite the fact that a lot more time and money has been spent trying to make cars look good.