In 2009 I spent a week in Copenhagen and took lots of photographs. Should you be interested in the story of my trip there, then you will find it here, complete with a few mildly amusing comments and a fair few more photographs (about 370 in all). Otherwise, pick from the below.

The Ny Carlsberg Glyptotek sculpture museum ▼ The Kastellet star fort ▼ Statues in the streets of Copenhagen ▼ The Assistens Kirkegård cemetery ▼ Buildings and architecture of Copenhagen ▼

Parks: Kongens Have and Rosenborg Have

A summary of Copenhagen: a blonde girl on a mobile 'phone, a bike, neat hedges, and a terrace of that sort of building.

Near this tree, two women were sitting and going through lots of sheet music and singing. Their voices were fairly loud and quite uninhibited. This would have been less impressive had they been good singers.

Other shots of Copenhagen ▼