Question 38 answer

Michael Rod, then later Brian Truman. I don't know where they found the children to take part in this observation quiz, but my guess is that they scoured Britain's schools for the blind and stupid. Brian Truman wrote the scripts for Dangermouse. I once saw him recording a Screen Test programme, and he was very witty in rehearsal. In recording, he stuck to the jokes in the script, all of which were awful.

Steve Berry, one of the people who runs the website "TV Cream", pointed out to me that three men presented Screen Test, the third being Mark Curry, for one season, after we had all grown up. Also, Roland Rivron presented the BBC CHOICE programme Screen Test 98. So far as I am concerned, though, Michael "tension mounts in the Screen Test studio" Rod, and Brian "DM" Truman were the proper presenters of Screen Test, with its set designed in myriad shades of beige.