Question 39 answer

The currency was the Drogna (which like all the names on Arg, was an anagram of "dragon"). Drogna coins were transparent circular plastic things with a shape set inside them, which had a significant colour. I'm proud and boastful enough to write that I worked out the currency almost immediately. A coin was worth its colour multiplied by its shape. So, a blue square would be worth 20 Drogna, because blue is the fifth colour of the rainbow, and a square has four sides, and 20=4x5. A red circle was worth one, a red ellipse two, and a violet hexagon was 7x6=42.

The Adventure Game was a good programme, with good puzzles. Some of the celebrities/actors/presenters who went on it might have been well advised to stay away, however, as they revealed themselves to be fairly unintelligent. Derek Griffiths, I remember, did well, but David Yip (The Chinese Detective) did the best. He solved almost all the puzzles. Mind you, the programme with him in it was shown near the end of the series, so they might have briefed him on the answers, so that he could show the viewers at home that the puzzles were possible, and just how many clues there really were.