Question 9 answer

The five fearless expendable young orphans were called Princess (the pretty one in the swan helmet), Jason (the one who every week would say "Let's blow them to bits with the missiles"), Tiny (the stupid fat one whom they trusted to pilot the Firey Phoenix), Mark (the hero, who every week would say "No, we can't do that Jason, because of some contrived plot device which means we're all going to have to go down there ourselves and muck around for ages, before being surprised by a lot of guys in flares, whose weapons we will destroy with improbably-shaped boomerangs, before we, yet again, hit on the idea of standing in a pyramid formation and whirling around a lot, which defeats our enemy, who always turns out to be Spectra."), and Keyop (the brain damaged runt). Apparently, this series has been re-voiced, and the silly voices we had to put up with are now boringly normal.