This section will I hope turn out to be of some use to the skirmish gamer. By "skirmish game" I mean a game where a single figure represents just one fighter, rather than a unit of men, and the games involve a conflict between a fair number of men, so that it becomes too complicated to give each figure its own statistics, and tactics and command are considerations, rather than just individual heroics. Games where each figure has its own set of traits, and one side has perhaps six or fewer men, I consider to be more role-playing games than skirmish games, especially if each player controls only one or two figures. I have now written two skirmish systems with which I am quite smug, one for 15-30 figures a side, and the other for 50-80 a side. Below you will find a link to my new Type III Mark VI initiative system, which might just cause a revolution in wargame rule design. Yes, I can be that smug.

I have worked out a short skirmish campaign system, which involves six battles. The first five use a "three-fight" system that makes any one-off game interesting, and the last is a six-player climax. Since each of these ideas is separate, and might appeal to different people, I have put the discussions of them on three separate pages, but the file of the rules is a single document, so don't print them all out, because you may be disappointed to find that you have three copies of everything.


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