Evidence for Reincarnation?

picture of a guy who looked just like me

I recently discovered that the members of the Newcastle Swing Dance Society have been running a sweepstake, the winner being the person who guesses my age. For the moment, I will not reveal my age, because that would spoil the fun and destroy the air of mystery. Here, however, is a clue. This photograph was taken in 1956.

This shot was used for the front of a Christmas card kindly given me by the St. John's College Swing Society. I looked at it, and tried to see who the woman on the right was, and was a bit surprised that I couldn't recognise her. You see, after the merest glance at the shot, I had assumed that the chap on the left was me. Yes, this guy looks so much like me, that even I thought it was me for a moment. He has my head, wears his shirt like me, and does swing dance. What gave the game away, though, were those black jeans. I would never wear jeans unless my life and the lives of several other people depended on it.

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