Game Aid for Hillfolk

For those of you just starting out with the rather innovative game Hillfolk (which they should have called by its other name: DramaSystem), here is a game aid I created to help explain to new players what the character generation set-up is meant to look like. It uses the television series Breaking Bad as an example, as I expect that many people will be familiar with that series. I have picked out five characters who are in the series all the way through, and who largely define the situation, and so would make suitable player characters in the role-play game version of that story. It shows the characters, their basic relationships (black arrows), their core motivations (red lettering), their inner conflicts, or 'dramatic poles' (green lettering), and what they want from other characters but cannot get (brown arrows). There is also a grey arrow which, though not one that would have been obvious at the start of the character generation process, would become obvious once more details of the set-up became apparent.

Just in case you are not familiar with the series Breaking Bad, at its heart is a family, with the married couple Walter and Skyler. They have a son, but he is not essential to the story, and has little to do with anyone other than his parents. Walter teams up with Jesse to make and sell drugs, because Walter needs to raise money to make his family financially secure before he dies, which he will do soon, from cancer. Walter's brother-in-law Hank is a policeman investigating drug crime, which causes Walter keep his distance from Hank. Hank is married to Marie, who is something of an embarrassment to him as she is a kleptomaniac. The series is set in present-day New Mexico.

DramaSystem game aid

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