The Adventures of Stoke Mandeville

A web-site in support of the play which celebrates the extraordinary achievements both of the fine fellow Mr. Mandeville himself, and the parallel dimension from which he visited our world.


Mandeville EnterprisesTM is currently producing a VIDEO version of the play, which is distributed to audiences worldwide by the means of new VIDEO-SHARING web-sites such as YouTube.
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The most recent production of the play was in Adelaide Australia in March 2009. The Newcastle, Edinburgh, Cambridge, Highgate, and Surrey productions of this play have all now successfully finished their runs. New productions have been proposed in Eton, Warwick, Croydon, and Bretton Hall. When details become available, they will appear on this site.

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The remarkable story About the parallel world About Mr Stoke Mandeville About Mr Carstairs Macdonald About the writers The members of the cast Buying the script Reviews Details regarding the performances Lengthy account of staging the show (illustrated) The production in Cambridge (illustrated) The Production in Surrey The Production in Adelaide


In order to contact the good stout folk at Mandeville Enterprises, you may find it expedient to e-mail the producer of the play, by using the following address:

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